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BLK Super Speciality Hospital Delhi, India

Dr. B L Kapur, an eminent Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, set up a Charitable Hospital in 1930 at Lahore. In 1947, he moved to post-partition India and set up a Maternity Hospital at Ludhiana. In 1956 on the invitation of the then Prime Minister, Dr. B L Kapur initiated the project for setting up a 200 bed hospital in Delhi. The hospital was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 2nd January, 1959.

By 1984, when the hospital celebrated its Silver Jubilee, it was an expanding hospital well on its way to becoming Delhi’s premier multispecialty institute. Services offered included General Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dentistry, Pulmonology, Intensive Care and Orthopedics, apart from mother & child care.

A factor of much importance to the hospital was the health of the community. Enthusiastic doctors held camps and public health talks to improve the status of community health in the area.

In the late 1990s, the Trustees of the hospital felt the need to upgrade it to a tertiary care hospital and tied up with Radiant Life Care Private Limited to re-develop and manage the facility. Today, a modern state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital has come up in place of the old hospital. It is one of the biggest stand alone private Hospitals in the National Capital Region today.

Infrastructure & Facility

BLK Super Speciality Hospital has a unique combination of the best in class technology, put to use by the best names in the professional circles to ensure world-class health care to all patients. Spread on five acres of land, with a capacity of 700 beds, BLK Super Speciality Hospital is one of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in the country, BLK has consistently ranked amongst the Top 10 Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi NCR. The outpatient services are spread on two floors with 60 consultation rooms. All ambulatory services have been designed with intent to create dedicated aides for all specialities, with their interventional services in close vicinity. Therefore, whether it is the proximity of diagnostic services and blood bank to the emergency or one of the best Endoscopy suites to ensure timely and efficient services, the infrastructure speaks volumes about BLK’s commitment to ‘PASSION FOR HEALING’.

The hospital has 17 state-of-the-art well equipped modular operation theatres with three stage air filtration and gas scavenging system to ensure patient safety. All the Operation Theatres are fitted with best in class pendants, operating lights, anaesthesia work stations and advanced information management system.

The Hospital has one of the biggest critical care programmes in the region with 125 beds in different intensive care units viz Medical, Surgical, Cardiac, Paediatrics, Neonatology, Neurosciences and Organ Transplant. All critical care beds are in the close vicinity of the Operation Theatre complex for easy accessibility and continuity of care. Each Critical care unit is equipped with high end patient monitoring devices, ventilators and dedicated isolation rooms. Facilities for haemodialysis, CRRT, SLED, endoscopy and bronchoscopy are available 24X7 by the bedside.

Liver and Renal Transplant Centres have been equipped with dedicated ICUs with individual hepafilters, specialized instruments and equipments, Veno-venous bypass system and dedicated anaesthesia equipment.

The Hospital has specialized birthing suites with telemetric foetal monitors to follow the progression of labor, and also the facility for the family to stay with the patient during the labor. A dedicated operation theatre adjacent to the labour room helps in shortening the response time in case there is a need to conduct the delivery through surgical means.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital Delhi, India

The Hospital’s advanced Building Management System provides for multi-tiered access control, electronic security systems with integrated CCTVs spanning across the facility and advanced fire management system amongst other utilities. The Hospital is the first in NCR to install and start using automatic pneumatic chute system to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of health care delivery.
The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled, with the vision of the Hospital becoming the first truly paper-less healthcare facility in the country. BLK has top of the line Hospital Information System (HIS) system which is seemingly connected across outpatient, inpatient and diagnostic areas. The system has facility for contemporary electronic medical records (EMR) with remote-accessibility enabling ongoing consultation to patients from distance as well.


Cyberknife VSI– BLK recently became the proud home to Cyberknife VSI, Asia Pacific’s first whole body robotic radio-surgery system for treatment of hitherto inoperable tumors.

PET CT Scan– BLK has installed the latest generation PET CT Scan machine to aid accurate diagnosis and treatment of a plethora of diseases. This makes BLK the first hospital in Delhi to offer coupled services of PET CT and Cyberknife.

A TriologyTx Linear Accelerator with cone beam CT for Radiation Oncology– Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), Intensity ModulatedRadiotherapy (IMRT) and Gated Radiotherapy.

MRI– The hospital is equipped with 1.5 Tesla volume MRI. The special feature of the 1.5 Tesla MRI is its ability to generate 3D images, which cuts the acquisition time by half and increase the comfort and convenience for the patients.

CT Scan– 128 Slice volume CT Scan capable of generating high quality 3D images.
Cath Lab– Flat panel combo Cath. Lab with 3D reconstruction, DSA and Electrophysiological studies.
Nuclear medicine– The hospital has a first of its kind dual head Spect CT, with variable angle gamma camera. This enables the doctors to trace physiological pathways early in the disease process, in a non-invasive manner.

Blood Bank– A state-of-the-art blood bank meeting all standards has been set up with facilities like Aphaeresis, blood component separation and stem cell harvesting. The Blood Bank is equipped with the NAT(Nucleic Acid Testing) System for the screening of Blood to ensure the safest possible blood for all its patients. In addition, a Blood Irradiator- another First of its Kind in any corporate hospital for specially treated blood for cancer and other subgroup of patients, shall be installed in the current year.

Laboratories– The hospital has one of the most well equipped labs in the NCR for entire gamut of diagnostic services in Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Histopathology.

Ultrasound– Ultrasound machines with 3D and 4D imaging and whole body Doppler.

Mammography– Low radiation digital imaging and stereotactic (3D) biopsy system.

X – Ray with high frequency low radiation digital radiography.

Bone Mineral Density– Whole body mineral density scan capable of giving instant reports.

Dental Facilities– BLK has fully integrated and automatic dental chairs complemented by low radiation and high precision digital X-Ray.

Endoscopy Suites– The hospital has dedicate endoscopy suite for endoscopic ultrasound and other advanced endoscopic procedures like ERCP, Stenting, UGIE, Colonoscopy etc.

Ambulance Services– The hospital has a fleet of fully equipped Advanced Life Support System (ACLS) ambulances for all kinds of emergencies.

Bronchoscopy Suite with most modern equipments in safest and convenient environment.

Accreditation & Quality

Drive towards continuous improvement

With the collective belief that the most simple is often the most effective, the BLK leadership team follows the quality cycle of planning, designing, checking and applying the learning to continuously improve the services. Quality indicators have been defined for every significant process, and are monitored to ensure continuous quality improvement, to achieve international benchmarks.

More importantly, extensive interactions take place between the management and the staff so that the organization’s passion of constant learning and improving cascades down to the last rank.

Quality Policy

Realisation of hospital’s vision and mission.
Meeting changing needs and expectations of the patients.
Introduce quality in all its services and ensure continuous improvement of quality through national and international accreditations.

Quality Objectives

  • Engage credentialed professionals in all disciplines and services.
  • Continuously update the knowledge of the professionals through in-house or external training,
  • articipation in academic activities such as CMEs, seminars, symposia, conferences and by providing access to internet and journals and books in the hospital library.

Promote research

  • Provide state-of-the-art health care with compassion and dignity to all.
  • Introduce established newer technologies in clinical services without delay.
  • Provide reliable and updated diagnostic services.
  • Monitor all critical processes to ensure continuance of quality.
  • Create health awareness across the sections of the population of Delhi.
  • Introduce postgraduate courses and fellowships in different clinical disciplines.
  • Start training programmes for paramedical staff.
  • Extend health consciousness in the community.
  • Provide free health care to indigent patients.
  • Ensure safety of patients, attendants, employees and all stakeholders.
  • Practice environmental management systems.
  • Continuously enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Promote staff development and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Establish an efficient Hospital Information System to have paperless and permanent access to patient records and easy analysis of outcomes.
  • Establish quality assurance system to minimize pre analytical, analytical and post analytical errors with laboratories.
[caption id="attachment_8934" align="aligncenter" width="791"]Dr. V.P. Bhalla (Gastrointestinal Surgery) With Kenya Patient in BLK Hospital Delhi, India Dr. V.P. Bhalla (Gastrointestinal Surgery) With Kenya Patient in BLK Hospital Delhi, India[/caption]

Quality Parameters

The hospital has been designed for maximum safety and comfort of the patients and healthcare providers. It complies with national and international standards for hospital accreditation.

  • Clinical governance is an integral part of our practice.
  • Robust quality and infection control practices are in place.
  • Best in class modular OT’s and ICU’s with HEPA filters, laminar air flow and 20 complete air changes per hour and access control minimise the risk of infection.
  • Isolation rooms have been earmarked in the ICU to treat critically ill infectious patients thus preventing threat to other patients.
  • Stringent “Biomedical Waste Management” practices for segregation, storage, transport and disposal of hospital waste are in place.
  • Green building: The hospital is designed to allow sunlight in most of the ICUs and patient rooms as it minimizes stress on the patients and gives them proper orientation of time.
  • The hospital has one of the most advanced “Building Management Systems” which help in patient and employee safety and reduce the excessive burden on the infrastructure and environment.
  • Delhi’s first automated pneumatic chute system for immediate transfer of samples, medicines and documents minimizing delays & ensuring safe and hygienic transfer.
  • The “Hospital Information System” used is most advanced and user friendly and helps to reduce medical errors as well as contributes to faster and better patient management.

Centres of Excellence

Cancer Centre

BLKCC, with state of the art equipment, facilities and experienced, faculty & staff, is wholly committed to highly personalized and comprehensive cancer care. Patient centric focus, multidisciplinary approach, personalized, cost effective solutions with utmost care to all medical needs of the patient coupled with administrative needs are meticulously looked into by a team of experienced medical and administrative teams. Patients are the focus of everything we do at BLKCC informing them of all progress. Our mission is to advance patient care, education and research continuous to change the course of cancer care. The close collaboration between our physician, surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologist and other allied specialty is one of our unique strength enabling us to provide the best care available today to the patient as we work to discover more effective strategies to prevent and cure cancer.

We are best known for our leading edge cancer therapies and we take particular pride in the compassion and dedication of our doctors, nurses and other health care staff.

Patient care:

At BLKCC our sole focus is to cure cancer. We follow the current standards of care and treatment protocols for each type and stage of cancer. The strategies for early diagnosis, treatment management, rehabilitation, pain relief and terminal care have been established in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for cancer care.

Our doctors have unparalleled expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer and they use the latest technology and the most innovative, advanced therapies to increase the chances of a cure.

We have a unified approach to cancer care, with teams of doctors who work together to guide each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. These teams have a depth and breadth of experience that is unsurpassed.

The hallmark of Cancer Care at BLK Super Speciality is the Tumour Board Clinic. Experts from Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology as well as Radiology, Pathology and all concerned allied specialities discuss each Clinic, experts from Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology as well as Radiology, Pathology and all concerned allied specialities discuss each case and formulate a multimodality treatment plan for the patients. Hence, the treatment plans reflect the combined expertise of many doctors – surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, Interventional Radiologists, neurooncologists. This approach ensures that patients who need different therapies to treat their cancer will receive the ideal treatment.

Our surgeons are among the most experienced cancer surgeons in the world. BLKCC surgeons perform all type of cancer surgery and often use surgical techniques which are aimed at conserving function and organ without compromising overall survival outcomes.

Our medical oncologists have a vast experience and often employ immunotherapy, targeted therapy in combination with chemotherapy to more effectively treat cancer. They also manage the side effects of chemotherapy ranging from common to rarer ones, so that patients can lead relatively normal lives while receiving chemotherapy.

Radiation Oncologists at BLKCC have pioneered leading technologies and techniques including IMRT, IGRT, Cyber knife which allows higher, more effective doses of radiation to be delivered to tumors while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. Our doctors also use radiation therapy with chemotherapy which makes tumor cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation thus enhancing the success of therapy. The Hospital is the first hospital in the entire North India to offer PET CT scan and the Cyber-knife facility for most comprehensive Cancer services.

Our radiologists use advanced imaging techniques to treat cancer. In addition to MRI and CT, our radiologists offer cutting edge technologies. These include combination PET/CT imaging, which can more accurately detect cancer and pinpoint its exact location in the body.

At BLKCC, pathologists are involved in patient management right from the beginning. They analyze tumor samples to determine a precise diagnosis and the extent of disease even if this information has been collected and reviewed at another institution. In addition, tissues removed during surgery are rapidly evaluated by our pathologists.

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at BLK Super Speciality Hospital is the largest in India and amongst the biggest in Asia.

The unit is led by Dr. Dharma Choudhary, who is highly trained BMT physician from the best centers in India and North America. After setting up the BMT center at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Dr Dharma Choudhary has performed highest number of Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant in North India since the inception of the unit. BLK BMT teams include some of the internationally trained and skilled doctors like Dr. Satyendra Katewa, Dr. Gaurav Kharya and Mrs. Sobha Tuli (Coordinator and advisor Thalassemia BMT). BLK Bone Marrow Transplant center is also amongst the most reputed unit in medical fraternity. Till date, BLK’s BMT center has successfully completed more than 45 BMT procedures including national and international patient. The majority of patients were Thalassemia major and acute leukemia.

The Hospital’s BMT unit currently offers both allogenic and autologous transplants for various benign and malignant disorders like

  • Thalassemia Major
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Leukemia’s and Lymphoma’s
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Hodgkin’s Disease and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Immunodeficiency states (SCID, Wiscott Aldrich Syndrome etc.)
  • Advanced Paediatric solid tumors (Neuroblastoma, CNS tumors and high grade sarcoma’s)

The unit has the latest and state of the art infrastructure and is supported by ultra-modern laboratory services, intensive care physicians and radiation oncology unit with the facility of total body irradiation.

Heart Centre

BLK Heart Centre provides a comprehensive range of diagnostics as well as therapeutic services for patients with Cardio Vascular ailments. The centre provides dedicated round the clock services to all patients with heart ailments. The Centre has received the Prestigious Lumen Global award for the best response in acute heart attacks for its effective practices to treat heart attacks during the Golden Hour: first hour after onset of a heart attack, during which if the person gets required treatment he can expect near-complete recovery.

BLK Heart Centre is known for providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services. The Centre uses latest monitoring systems that provide dedicated round the clock care to treat the patients with heart attacks during the emergency.

The Centre routinely performs complex cardiac procedures such as mitral valvuloplasties, permanent pacemaker implantation and procedures for congenital ailments such as Coarctation of Aorta stenting and PDA closures etc.

BLK Heart Center also includes the Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery division that is equipped with all modern facilities to conduct Coronary Bypass Surgery (CABG), valve replacement surgeries, aortic root and aneurysm surgeries.

The department also has an array of non-invasive services like Transoesophageal Echocardiology, Echocardiography, Treadmill (including Stress Echo and Dobutamine Stress Echo Testing), 24 hour Holter monitoring, 24 hour Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and Head up Tilt table testing. The advanced diagnostic services include CT Coronary Angiography as well as a range of Nuclear Cardiology services.


BLK center of Neurosciences is one of the few comprehensive neurosciences centers in the country where Neurologist, Neurosurgeons, Neuro-otologists, Neuro-anesthetist and Neuro-critical specialists work as a cohesive group. This has led to this center being recognized as a leading referral tertiary center for this part of the country.

The center has subspecialized units

  • Advanced Aneurysm Treatment Unit (Aneurysms are treated without cutting upon the skull)
  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Unit (Neuro Spine Unit)
  • Neuro-endoscopy Unit
  • Functional Neurosurgery Unit
  • Stroke Unit

Our center offers treatment for complex neurological diseases with best available technology of course with competent professionals. We have a dedicated neurosurgery operating room, equipped with advanced fully motorized microscopes, cranial and spinal endoscopes, high speed drills, CUSA and many other gadgets for safe outcome of neurological operations.This is one of very few neurosciences centers in the country which has a dedicated Neurovascular cath lab for various neurointerventions which is youngest subspecialities of neurosciences.

The neurology department is equipped with modern equipment for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like EEG, EMG VEP and again offers treatment for vexed problem like dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease among others.

The center is backed by a dedicated team of neuro-anesthetists who provide specialized anesthesia to neurosurgery patients and it is matched by a dedicated neuro ICU which is again manned by a dedicated and qualifiedNeuro critical care specialists. This gives us the confidence to take up complex cases and prognosticate good outcomes. Again this one of the few centers where neurosurgery is offering cyber knife for treatment of brain tumors without cutting open the skull.

The neurosciences patients are not only looked after by full time Neurosurgeons and neurologists but also in the rooms and wards there is a pool of qualified and trained resident doctors for round the clock care of admitted patients. In short period of couple of years we have emerged as a reliable and safe minimally invasive tertiary referral Neurosurgery unit.

Digestive & Liver Diseases

The BLK Super Speciality Hospital takes pride in having one of the most advanced Centres for Digestive & Hepatobiliary diseases, Gastro-Intestinal Surgery and Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery in North India. The Centre carries out all major GI, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic procedures and has a very active Bariatric Surgery Program (including endoscopic ultrasound surgery). BLK’s Bariatric Surgery Program for weight loss is one of the most successful programs in the country.

The Centre has dedicated Endoscopy suites with contemporary technology, located within its outpatient area, along with a 4 bedded Recovery unit, for ease of patient movement. The Centre has a team of highly qualified and trained doctors with decades of experience in the treatment of GI diseases by Medical, Surgical and Combined means.

Liver Transplant

The Liver Transplant and Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Surgery Department is a state-of-the-art facility with the best equipment and the latest infrastructure. The facility boasts of the best and most well equipped Liver Transplant ICU in the country with a separate AHU for each bed, reducing the risk of infection to the minimum. The team comprises of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Intensivists, Anesthetists, Technicians, Counsellors and Specialised Nurses, who have years of experience in the management of Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases.

It is one of the few Centres in the country where deceased donor as well as living donor liver transplantation along with comprehensive treatment for Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases is being offered to patients under one roof. The transplant team is the one of the most experienced in the region and has received extensive training in the best centres across the world and has a vast experience in performing and managing liver transplants.

Renal Sciences & Kidney Transplant

BLK Centre for Renal Sciences has a dedicated unit with most advanced dialysis machines and offers round the clock service with facility for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for hemo-dynamically unstable patients and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. Isolation rooms dedicated to Hepatitis B & C patients are at par with global standards.

The Department of Urology and Kidney Trasplant is equipped with latest diagnostic and therapeutic facilities like Uroflowmetry, Ultrasound, Doppler, Lithotripsy and Holmium Laser, etc. The Department has dedicated suites for endoscopic procedures ensuring quality treatment as well as complete privacy and comfortable surroundings.

Kidney Transplant

The Kidney Transplant program at BLK has become a recognized Centre of excellence in the region in a very short span of time. Our globally renowned faculty has successfully carried out transplants in clinically difficult and extremely complex cases including cadaver transplants, kidney transplant in HIV positive patients and patients with high chances of rejection.

Orthopaedics & Joint Reconstruction

BLK Centre for Orthopedics & Joint Replacement specializes in the treatment of musculo-skeletal system disorders. It is at par with international standards and offers Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Joint Reconstruction. The Centre is manned by experienced and highly skilled Orthopedic surgeons that offer MIS solutions for Total Knee Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Unicondylar ( Partial) Knee Replacement as well as Replacement of Shoulder and Elbow joints. The center carries out all kinds of limb salvage surgeries and Bone Tumor surgeries, as well as correctional procedures for deformities.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital also offers Sports injury treatments and number of rehabilitation programs. These services include arthroscopic procedures for shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee and hip injuries with dedicated domiciliary rehabilitation and dedicated post surgery services.

The Center also provides treatment for spinal ailments which includes Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), Spinal Fusion Procedures and Mobilization procedures which are delivered with the help of most advanced techniques in the area.

Critical Care 

BLK Centre for Critical Care has Medical, Surgical, Neurosciences and organ transplant ICU’s, located in close proximity to the operation theatres and CSSD, and supported by step down High Dependency Units. These units have dedicated Nursing station, central monitoring, clean & dirty utility areas and are manned by specialty nurses. For immuno-compromised and infected patients, there are isolations rooms with independent AHUs. Patient care in ICU is provided by a team of dedicated, highly trained critical care and respiratory physicians along with various clinical and support services. Additional support is provided by the nurse educator, respiratory technicians, physiotherapists and patient counsellors. Centre Highlights:

  • Multidisciplinary Care
  • Excellent Team: Critical Care Experts trained in premier institution in India & abroad and brilliant nurses provide personalized 24 x 7 care to the patients.
  • Technology Partners: GE, Huntleigh, Hillrom, Olympus, Fujinon, Respironics, Tyco, Braun, Philips
  • Point of Care Lab: ABG with electrolytes, lactate & glucose, Cardiac markers (Troponin I, Troponin T, CK-MB, Myglobin), NT ProBNP, Toxicology Screen, Urine ketones, Procalcitonin
  • Advanced Blood Bank: component therapy and leucoreduced, gamma irradiated blood available
  • Bundles of Care: Sepsis, CRBSI, VAP, intubation bundles are followed.
  • Facility for ICU interventions & procedures: ECG, EEG, Echocardiography, Ultrasound and venous Doppler, Upper and lower GI endoscopy with bleeding control, Video-bronchoscopy, Broncho-alveolar lavage, Cardiac pacing, IABP, Hemodialysis, CRRT, SLED, CT, MRI and nuclear imaging, Prone ventilation
  • Infection Control Program: Universal precautions and aseptic precautions are followed in the unit and infection rates like CRBSI, VAP, BSI and SSI are followed on a monthly basis.
  • Quality Indicators: ALOS, SMR, APACHE II, SOFA, End of life care issues besides the infection rates
  • Academics: Participates in national and international meetings to present papers and deliver lectures. Department conducts workshops and symposium.

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