Dr. Varadarajan R

Dr. Varadarajan R

MBBS, DCH, MD – Paediatrics
Consultant – Haematology
37 Years of Experience

Doctor Profile

Dr. Varadarajan is a great person with 34 years of experience in this field. He has an MBBS, MD and a DCH degree in Paediatrics and also an acting consultant of Hematology. He has an MRCP degree too with 2 awards to his name. He presently practices at Apollo Hospital


  • MBBS
  • DCH
  • MD – Paediatrics
  • Memberships
  • MRCP


Work Experience

  • Obtained training in various Biomedical Disciplines like Genetics, Biostalistics, Instrumentation, Radio-Isotopes in Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Haematology, etc. as a TSS Fellow, ICMR, after being selected by a nationwide competitive examination.
  • Trainee in Paediatric Haematology in PGIMER, Chandigarh- was running the Haematology OPD for two and half years.
  • Research officer, ICMR, in Dept. of Haematology, Wadia Hospital for Children & Institute of Child Health, Bombay, for 2 years.
  • Observer & Trainee- MRC path, Dept of Haematology, Hammersmith Hospital, London, for 7 months.
  • Working in Apollo Hospitals since last Assignment

Awards and Achievements

  • First Rank
  • First Rank


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