Dr. Suresh G Vijan

Dr. Suresh G Vijan

Consultant – Interventional Cardiology

Cardiologist- 38 Years of Experience

Doctor Profile

Dr. Suresh G Vijan is Consultant – Interventional Cardiology in Lilavati Hospital, Bandra. Dr. Vijan has an overall experience of 35 years and has undergone training in the prestigious Texas Heart Institute, Houston. He has also worked as Senior Registrar in Cardiology at the University of Leicester and later as Senior Lecturer and Hon. Consultant in Cardiology. Dr. Vijan has been actively involved in developing catheter ablation techniques for treatment of Cardiac arrhythmias and setting up the cardiac arrhythmia services in Leicester. He has pioneered the implantation of an Automatic cardiovascular defibrillator for malignant ventricular arrhythmia in the UK. Dr. Vijan has implanted the 1st AICD in Bombay and has also pioneered the technique of dual chamber pacing in India. He was the first to implant a biventricular pacemaker for the heart failure patients.



  • MBBS
  • MD
  • FACC
  • FESC



  • MRCP



  • Interventional Cardiology, Senior Consultant – Fortis Hospitals, Mulund , currently working
  • Interventional Cardiology, Consultant- Lilavati Hospital, Bandra , currently working
  • Cardiology, Consultant- University of Leicester


Awards and Achievements

  • Implanted the 1st AICD in Bombay.
  • Received the prestigious Hiranandani Oration Award for his contributions to interventional cardiology in India.
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